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Offering expertise in economic and financial information through more than 300 employees divided into 6 main centres of excellence.


Data science

Experts with scientific and statistical backgrounds specialising in analysing data and creating innovative indicators.



Analysts who study economic and financial information collected from targeted companies.



Teams specialising in creating our “repositories” of data.



Employees devoted to developing technological solutions with a direct link to the companies' information systems.



A team tasked with monitoring and analysing regulations concerning information about the companies.


Customer relations

Experts who address customers’ requirements every day: queries about our offerings and services, support on how to use our solutions, etc.

Ellisphere establishes strategic partnerships to encourage the spread of its offerings to all companies, thereby facilitating access to the user’s experience.


Partnerships with banks and professional organisations to support the development of all companies.

Ellisphere offers customised business development and risk management solutions to customers of the largest banking networks in France and of the largest trade associations.

AVIZ&Plus sold by the Banques Populaires network, VisionDev distributed by the savings banks or even Cycléa Infos by the Groupe Société Générale – And lastly, the Codinf Ellisphere product offered by Codinf Services to its members network.


Partnerships with the developers of the main business-specific tools used by our customers to achieve a 360-degree experience.

  • CRM of the market
  • ERP cash collect and credit management tools
  • solutions for purchasing and documentary due diligence

A special co-publishing partnership with Bureau van Dijk, currently part of Moody’s, also enables Ellisphere to support its customers for 30 years with innovative, powerful and flexible solutions, supplying information about companies all across the world.

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