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The purpose of these rules (referred to as the “Rules”) is to define the terms and procedures for operating the sponsorship scheme implemented by Ellisphere during the period from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019 in line with the Decision-making offer or modular offer.



Participation in the sponsorship scheme implies unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Rules by the Sponsor and Sponsored person.



The sponsorship scheme is reserved for Sponsors and Sponsored persons complying with the conditions mentioned in Articles 3.2 and 3.3. Ellisphere reserves the option to refuse any sponsorship failing to comply with the procedures described in Article 3.


Conditions to be a Sponsor

At the time of completing the sponsorship form, the Sponsor must meet all the following conditions:

  • They must be a natural person occupying a position in a customer company of Ellisphere, with all products and services combined;
  • They must have informed their employer beforehand about their participation in the sponsorship scheme.


Conditions to be a Sponsored person

Sponsored persons must:

  • Be a physical person in a position in a company which is not a customer of Ellisphere or has not been one for at least 1 year on the date when the sponsorship form is completed by the Sponsor.
  • Have given their consent to the Sponsor beforehand so that the latter can disclose the data about them to Ellisphere as part of the sponsorship scheme subject to these Rules.


How it works

The sponsorship scheme is reserved for a Sponsor who is a physical person from a customer company of Ellisphere.


The Sponsor is prompted to complete the sponsorship form supplied by Ellisphere on the website https://www.ellisphere.com/parrainage or sent by email or delivered by hand, which is then to be forwarded to the business contact at Ellisphere by every possible means.


The Sponsor must have made sure beforehand to have informed the Sponsored person about the use of the data concerning them as part of the sponsorship scheme subject to these Rules.


The Sponsor must provide in particular the following information about the Sponsored person in the sponsorship form:

  • Name of the company and company register (SIRET) of the Sponsored person
  • Postal address of the Sponsored person’s company
  • Sponsored person’s surname and first name
  • Position of and department to which the Sponsored person belongs
  • Sponsored person’s direct telephone extension and email address


Sponsors cannot sponsor anyone within their own company

Sponsors can sponsor up to 5 persons during the period when the sponsorship scheme is valid.

If a person is recommended to be sponsored by several sponsors, only the first sponsorship form received and registered by Ellisphere will be taken into account.


Ellisphere will verify that the Sponsor’s customer company is up to date in terms of paying the invoices issued by Ellisphere, based on the services supplied. If this is not the case, the Sponsor cannot benefit from the sponsorship scheme.



For every company which has signed a Decision-making or modular offering contract with a minimum annual value of EUR 2000 excl. VAT, with the date of signature being from 1 January to 31 December 2019, the Sponsor will receive one (1) multi-brand gift e-cheque with a value of one hundred and fifty (150) euros. The Sponsor will not be able to claim this amount under any other form at all other than that stipulated in the Rules.

Sponsors can sponsor more than one person within the same company, provided that they do not all report to the same department or service.

An email with acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the Sponsor via the email address entered by the latter in the sponsorship form. This email will contain the password enabling the Sponsor to order the gift e-cheque on the partner site. This email will be sent by Ellisphere within 30 days of the signature date of the contract signed by the Sponsored person’s company.

Ellisphere will never be held liable for any damage resulting from the loss, theft or destruction of the password to be used to order the gift e-cheque.



Ellisphere’s policy relating to personal data protection can be accessed via its website at the following address: https://www.ellisphere.com/uploads/documents/rgpd/Politique_RGPD_Ellisphere.pdf


Personal data protection for Customers:

Ellisphere is involved in processing personal data supplied by its Customers for the purpose of managing business relations (contracts, orders, invoicing, customer relations department), as well as for prospect activities, in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Ellisphere is responsible for the processing operations pertaining to this. These processing operations are required for setting up and, if appropriate, executing the contract signed between Ellisphere and the Customer, or for implementing pre-contractual measures requested by the latter. Failure by Customers to provide certain data about themselves could prevent the contract from being set up and, if appropriate, from it being executed properly.

Ellisphere is the sole recipient of the personal information about its Customers. Ellisphere has appointed a data protection officer whose contact details are as follows: Ellisphere – DPO – 55 place Nelson Mandela – 92000 Nanterre. Email address: dpo@ellipshere.com

Pursuant to the applicable regulations, any relevant natural person may request disclosure, rectification or erasure of the personal data about them, as well as, if appropriate, object to or restrict the processing of data pertaining to them by submitting a request to the Customer relations department or by post to the following address: Ellisphere – Relation Client – Immeuble Le Murano – 37 rue sergent Michel Berthet – CS 99063 – 69255 LYON Cedex 09, or by email to the address relation-client@ellisphere.com

Any data subject also has the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority). Ellisphere will ensure that it will not keep its Customers’ personal data beyond the duration necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it has been collected. Therefore, this data is kept for the duration of the contractual relationship and for the legal limitation period, as well as for any other retention period which might be imposed by the applicable legislation and regulations.

The transfer of data, especially of personal data as part of the sponsorship scheme, which is subject to these Rules, is carried out among different controllers for their own processing activities, while remaining independent of each other.



Any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of these Rules will be settled amicably between the parties. In the event of failure to reach an amicable settlement, any dispute will be submitted to the competent courts in Paris.



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