A proactive CSR policy

By becoming a member of the UN Global Compact, Ellisphere’s ambition is to carry out its activities in the light of the 10 universal principles of the Covenant on Human Rights, labour standards and the environment, as well as the fight against corruption in the spirit of responsible and sustainable development.

Ellisphere has submitted its Communication on Progress (COP) 2020 on the Global Compact website, highlighting its contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ellisphere regularly has its CSR performance assessed by authorised external bodies (EcoVadis, Vigéo, Reporting21…).

Ellisphere has its CSR performance regularly evaluated by authorised external bodies (EcoVadis, Vigéo, Reporting21…).

"Through a proactive CSR policy, Ellisphere seeks to have a positive impact on society while being economically viable. This balance is built with our stakeholders. Regular evaluation of our performance in this area is a good way to challenge ourselves and stay in a dynamic of progress!"

— Evelyne Misseri - Internal Communications Manager & CSR


Evaluation of Ellisphere’s CSR performance – September 2020

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Evaluation of the 5 legal criteria – February 2021

Charte SNCD 2


Evaluation on the 10 principles of the Development Charter Responsible for SNCD.

Our commitments

Ellisphere, a responsible company

Through its CSR policy, Ellisphere works to develop a sustainable and responsible economy by positioning itself as a real facilitator of growth and transparency.

Ellisphere integrates a CSR dimension into its human resources management policy.

We strive to ensure the best working and safety conditions for our employees, at each of our sites in France. The CSR dimension of our policy focuses on four areas: youth and seniority employment, F/H equality, the professional integration of people with disabilities, and access to training for all.

Ellisphere contributes at its scale to the promotion of a society that respects its local environment.

We are involved in the socio-economic development of our siting areas. Our main environmental actions concern sustainable mobility, reduced consumption and recycling of office waste.

Ellisphere's principles of responsibility, integrity and vigilance are intrinsically linked to his professional ethics.

Our high level of demand for our practices is reflected in the relationships with our customers, suppliers and other partners. Signer of the Charter Responsible Supplier Relations of the CNA/Business Media, we support the reciprocity of customer-supplier commitments through our Charter of Responsible Purchases.

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Our ecosystem of partners

global compact

Global Compact

The Global Compact is a United Nations initiative launched in 2000 to encourage companies around the world to adopt a socially responsible attitude.


CNA/Business Mediation

les entreprises pour la cité

Companies for the Cité

A network of 200 companies invested in social innovation. The association accompanies its members on different themes.



Privacy Protection - Pact is a professional label accessible to all companies wishing to demonstrate their commitment to the protection of personal data.

Transparency Charter

Discover Ellisphere's Transparency Charter

Ellisphere contributes, thanks to its trades, to the sustainable development of the real economy and that of its customers or partners, based on two essential values: transparency and trust. Ellisphere commits itself through a Charter Transparency to explain to all companies that wish to do so, whether clients or not, the development of their score.

In accordance with the code of ethics of the scoring, Ellisphere analyses any new legal and official information (accounts, status of privileges…) that each entity may wish to send to it.

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