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Ellisphere’s data science team will support you in your decision-making model projects in 3 phases :

Sourcing phase

Obtaining the most discriminating data in 3 stages:

  • inventory of the data available at Ellisphere
  • identifying the data to be obtained according to the project’s specific sectoral features
  • possible search for partners or collection of open data


Integration phase

Exploring the data, classifying it, integrating it into the database:

  • classification, cleaning and integration of customer/prospect/partner data into Ellisphere Lab
  • definition of dataset


Construction and testing of score model

  • construction of the learning model and target
  • test of the model under real conditions
  • distribution of the model, score and other data, if appropriate



  • Use of the latest Big Data technologies (Mongo DB, Python, Spark…)
  • Data scientists specialising in marketing (Q score, churn, segmentation, etc.)
  • Agile support
  • Daily use of artificial intelligence to improve the models
  • Management of the entire data cycle

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