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Optimizing credit management policy, a vital issue for companies

Reduction of default risk

By assessing the creditworthiness of potential customers, monitoring their payment behavior and taking preventive measures to minimize the risk of non-payment.

Optimization of cash flow

By managing incoming and outgoing cash flows, anticipating working capital requirements and reducing payment delays.

Effective credit risk management

Using scoring and data analysis tools to assess credit risk and implementing appropriate policies and procedures to mitigate risk.

Faced with these challenges, Ellisphere is your ally for efficient cash flow management and sustainable growth of your company.

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Expertise, services and tools dedicated to credit management

Ellisphere is a key player in the field of credit management thanks to its expertise in data analysis and credit risk assessment. Our expertise allows you to benefit from essential added values:

  • A comprehensive, real-time database that allows you to accurately assess the creditworthiness of your business partners and detect the risk of default.
  • Sophisticated statistical models to assess the credit risk of companies, taking into account various factors such as the financial situation, payment history, capital structure, etc. of your business relationships.
  • Customized solutions to help you effectively manage your credit risk, based on your specific profile and needs.
  • A team of technical and regulatory experts who keep a constant watch on developments in credit management.

It is the credit that companies grant each other implicitly through the payment terms granted by a company to its customers. The payment terms that companies grant each other are an element of the fluidity of economic exchanges.

However, the payment terms granted can also become a source of difficulty, insofar as any non-cash payment carries a risk of of non-payment. In 2020, business-to-business credit will represent 672 billion euros in France.


Late payments and payment defaults remain numerous. They are detrimental to the profitability of companies and negatively impact their cash flow and competitiveness. In the worst case, they can weaken the existence of the most vulnerable companies.

Since 2009, the LME law (Law on the modernization of the economy) has strictly limited the contractual payment terms between companies. These terms must not exceed 60 days from the date of the invoice, or 45 days end of month (Article L. 441-10 of the Commercial Code).

Every year in France, an estimated 56 billion euros in receivables remain unpaid. 25% of business failures are due to late payment and/or default. These business disappearances would affect more than 300,000 salaried jobs.


The scoreThe score, also called "credit scoring", is determined by an automatic and statistical calculation model. It is based on an algorithm and the use of data, without any human intervention .

When a company encounters difficulties and can no longer meet its commitments, it may be subject to receivership or direct judicial liquidation. In this case, we speak of a business failure. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Ellisphere's business failure score makes it possible to calculate the probability of this event, in a more efficient manner, for various time horizons (1, 2, 3 or 5 years) and thus to optimize risk management.


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of companies in 230 countries and territories for which information is available online


decision-makers from SMEs, ETIs and large companies who use Ellisphere solutions every day


An in-depth analysis of economic and financial data


Powerful scoring tools adapted to your specific needs.


Up-to-date and configurable monitoring of your entire portfolio.

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The leading Risk Management platform for companies worldwide.


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Customized solutions adapted to your needs to optimize your decision making.


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Learn all about the fundamentals of credit analysis from Ellisphere experts.


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