Our job offers

We're looking for new talent in data science, IT, marketing, sales... Our approach to recruitment is both ethical and pragmatic, based on a strict "job/profile" match, guaranteeing fairness and openness to all types of backgrounds and personalities.

Our business lines

Ellisphere's teams have over a century's experience in collecting, managing, analyzing and disseminating economic, legal, financial and extra-financial information on companies worldwide.

Ellisphere markets its data repositories and the products derived from them to BtoB players, in particular SMEs, ETIs and large corporations, in the private and public sectors, as well as to financing players (banks, insurance companies, institutional and private investors).

Ellisphere is organized into three business lines to meet three major customer challenges:

Business line data marketing that meets the challenges of :
Win new, reliable customers => increase sales;

Business line risks which meets the challenges of :
Controlling financing risks, particularly in credit management => optimizing profitability and company performance (customer and supplier risks, fraud), securing investment projects;

Business line compliance to meet the challenges of :
Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations => meeting the imperative of good governance in the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption and fraud.

Ellisphere promotes the development of its employees' skills. In the BtoB information market, Ellisphere guarantees the maintenance of unique business expertise. This ambition is reflected in the deployment of six main areas of expertise:

Data Division

Professionals specializing in the creation and ongoing maintenance of our reference databases

Data Science Division

Scientific and statistical profiles specialized in data analysis and the construction of algorithms and scores

IT division

IT experts to design and develop online and host-to-host technological solutions, directly linked to corporate information systems

Regulatory Division

A team in charge of monitoring and analyzing regulations concerning company information and the activities of Ellisphere's customers.

Analysis Division

Analysts dedicated to studying and processing the economic and financial information gathered from target companies

Customer Relations Department

Teams dedicated on a daily basis to supporting our customers in the use of our offers & services

Our permanent and fixed-term contracts


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Our work-study offers

Ellisphere is Great Place To Work certified! A company where it's good to work, according to its own employees.

A socially responsible company

Ellisphere's HR policy focuses on personal development and performance, in a pleasant working environment in the heart of the territories. Our approach encompasses both the physical environment (ergonomics, tools, etc.) and the moral environment (private/professional life balance, RPS prevention, social dialogue, etc.).

... And committed to our employees

The challenge for the HR team is to combine the addition of new skills with career development for existing employees. A solid internal mobility scheme, access to training for all and gender equality guarantee a diversity of career paths. Ellisphere's Professional Equality Index is 87/100.

Ellisphere, a company committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

A participative organization where every employee's voice counts

It's an opportunity for everyone, on an ongoing basis, to be a player or contributor of ideas to improve collaboration, processes, performance and product & service innovation at Ellisphere. This structured approach to collective intelligence is supported by a digital platform and a network of internal ambassadors. This platform is called "Osons oser!"

Employee benefits

✔️ Teleworking 1 to 2.5 days on average

✔️ Group schedule over 4 or 5 days and flexible shifts

✔️ Flexible working hours based on family situation or health

✔️ RTT entitlement and Time Savings Account

✔️ Profit-sharing with a more favorable agreement

✔️ Profit-sharing based on overall company performance, with equal distribution

✔️ Employee shareholding via a dedicated company mutual fund, with company matching contributions

✔️ Plan d'épargne retraite avec abondement et passerelle depuis le CET

✔️ Transition to retirement scheme

✔️ Meal contributions via company restaurant or meal card, depending on location (employer's share at the legal maximum)

✔️ Payment or contribution towards home-work transport, bicycle allowance

✔️ Prévoyance with levels of cover and rates that are more advantageous than those in the branch collective agreement

✔️ Family mutual (covering spouse and children) with access to an online management and consultation platform

✔️ Access to outsourced social assistance and family support services

✔️ Access to 1% housing and mobility assistance

✔️ A CSE with an allocation for social works (holiday vouchers, culture vouchers, trips, events, etc.).

✔️ Annual seminars for each department or interdepartmentally, with team-building activities and social events.

✔️ Participation in inter-company sporting or social events

✔️ 24/24 permanent and personal access to a training platform for personal development

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