Ellisphere, a specialist in B2B data, distributes economic, legal, financial and extra-financial information on 225 million entities in 230 countries and territories.

Thanks to a combination of unique business expertise and new technologies (AI), Ellisphere offers company managers and decision-makers innovative standard or customized solutions to meet their strategic challenges in knowing their third parties: marketing targeting and lead generation, inter-company credit management, Sapin II and due diligence...

Ellisphere is a data-responsible company that ensures data protection, confidentiality and security. It has been awarded the Privacy Protection-Pact label.

125 years

Expertise in the corporate information market


Employees throughout France


of companies whose information is available online

Our vision

Fostering a reliable economy and sustainable growth

In an ever-changing world, we believe in developing lasting business relationships between trusted commercial partners.

We believe in the responsible use of data in BtoB, whether it is economic, legal or financial. We are working on the realization of information solutions on companies that meet a demanding business ethic.

More generally, we believe that innovation must remain at the service of professionals, that new technologies and human expertise will always be inseparable.





Be your trusted partner

At any stage in the development of your business relationships, you may have many questions and make many decisions.

To meet these strategic challenges, Ellisphere provides you with the right, reliable and traceable information on your business partners worldwide.

That's why we work with you, as closely as possible to your commercial and financial concerns, to build the solutions best suited to your needs.


Ellisphere's teams are here to help you:

  • Companies: SME, ETI or large company, in the private or public sector
  • Financing actors: banks, insurance companies, institutional or private investors
  • Functions: executives, financial managers, credit managers, purchasing managers, marketing managers, sales managers


Ellisphere solutions secure your decision-making at every stage of the sales process:

  • Win over reliable new customers: increase your sales
  • Control your credit, purchasing and fraud risks: optimize your company's profitability and performance
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations (Sapin II, AML...): meet the imperatives of good governance

"As a preferred partner of companies and players in the financing of the economy, Ellisphere offers innovative solutions tailored as closely as possible to the needs and uses of its customers."

- Valérie ATTIA, President of Ellisphere

Valerie Attia
Our origins

125 years of expertise in enterprise data

As a French precursor of business information, Ellisphere has a hundred years of expertise in the collection and management of BtoB data in France and abroad. It supports the evolution of the BtoB information business with both companies and public authorities.

The history of Ellisphere was marked in 2006 by the creation of Coface Services, a merger of the two main French players in the business information and receivables management market (ORT and SCRL).

In 2011, Coface Services becomes a direct subsidiary of Natixis. In 2014, it took the name of Ellisphere, the final stage of a new autonomy and a new dynamic focused on BtoB information, driven by a constantly changing economic and regulatory context. Since 2019, Ellisphere's shareholders are its management, as well as Bpifrance, Tikehau Capital and Andera Partners.

In 2021, Ellisphere, via its holding company Arthemis, has carried out an external growth operation by acquiring the company Infotrade, which publishes Sparklane solutions. With this acquisition, Ellisphere consolidates its position in the marketing solutions market, one of its three strategic businesses.

At the heart of an ecosystem of professionals

A founding member of FIGEC (Fédération Nationale de l'Information d'Entreprise, de la Gestion de Créances et de l'Enquête Civile), FEBIS (Federation of business information services) and the international information network BIGnet Alliance, Ellisphere is also an active member of the following major organizations

  • GFII - French Information Industry Grouping
  • AFDCC - French Association of Credit Managers
  • DFCG - National Association of Financial and Management Control Directors
  • DMA - Data & Marketing Association France
  • CPRC - Club of Customer Relationship Professionals

  • CRIP - Club of Infrastructure and Production Managers (IT)
  • The Compliance Circle
  • MEDEF - French Business Confederation
  • IRC - Institute of Risk and Compliance
  • AFCI - French Association of Internal Communication
  • The compliance circle