Fostering a reliable economy and sustainable growth

In a world of constant change, we believe in developing lasting business relationships between trusted business partners.

We believe in the responsible use of data in BtoB, whether it is economic, legal or financial. We are working on the realization of information solutions on companies that meet a demanding business ethic.

More generally, we believe that innovation must remain at the service of professionals, that new technologies and human expertise will always be inseparable.

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Be your trusted partner

At any stage of the development of your business relationships, your questions may be numerous and your decision making engaging.

To meet these strategic challenges, Ellisphere provides you with the right information - economic, legal and financial - that is reliable and traceable, on your business partners around the world.


Ellisphere's teams are here to help you:

  • Companies: SME, ETI or large company, in the private or public sector
  • Financing actors: banks, insurance companies, institutional or private investors
  • Functions: executives, financial managers, credit managers, purchasing managers, marketing managers, sales managers


Ellisphere's solutions secure your decision-making at every stage of the business process:

  • Conquering new and reliable customers: increasing your sales
  • Control your credit and purchasing risks: optimize your company's profitability and performance, and manage your investment projects
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations (Sapin II, AML, etc.): meet the requirements of good governance
"Ellisphere is a preferred partner of companies and players in the financing of the economy, offering innovative solutions tailored to the needs and uses of its customers. "

- Valérie ATTIA, President of Ellisphere

Attia Valerie


125 years of expertise in enterprise data

As a French precursor of business information, Ellisphere has a hundred years of expertise in the collection and management of BtoB data in France and abroad. It supports the evolution of the BtoB information business with both companies and public authorities.

The history of Ellisphere was marked in 2006 by the creation of Coface Services, a merger of the two main French players in the business information and receivables management market (ORT and SCRL).

In 2011, Coface Services becomes a direct subsidiary of Natixis. In 2014, it took the name of Ellisphere, the final stage of a new autonomy and a new dynamic focused on BtoB information, driven by a constantly changing economic and regulatory context. Since 2019, Ellisphere's shareholders are its management, as well as Bpifrance, Tikehau Capital and Andera Partners.

In 2021, Ellisphere, via its holding company Arthemis, has carried out an external growth operation by acquiring the company Infotrade, which publishes Sparklane solutions. With this acquisition, Ellisphere consolidates its position in the marketing solutions market, one of its three strategic businesses.

At the heart of an ecosystem of professionals

A founding member of FIGEC (Fédération Nationale de l'Information d'Entreprise, de la Gestion de Créances et de l'Enquête Civile), FEBIS (Federation of business information services) and the international information network BIGnet Alliance, Ellisphere is also an active member of the following major organizations

  • GFII - French Information Industry Grouping
  • AFDCC - French Association of Credit Managers
  • DFCG - National Association of Financial and Management Control Directors
  • DMA - Data & Marketing Association France
  • CPRC - Club of Customer Relationship Professionals

  • CRIP - Club of Infrastructure and Production Managers (IT)
  • The Compliance Circle
  • MEDEF Rhône-Alpes
  • IRC - Institute of Risk and Compliance
  • AFCI - French Association of Internal Communication


6 areas of excellence to support you

Data Division

Ellisphere's data center is in charge of collecting, analyzing and enriching the information in the data repository on a permanent basis.

It is fed by public and private sources (surveys, media, partnerships, remitters' communities). Specialized teams collect and qualify information such as annual accounts, financial links, judgments and payment experiences.

These data are rigorously cross-checked to be rectified and valued in an editorial coherence allowing to have a multi-sourced, rich and reliable documentary fund, intended for the creation of customer solutions.

Data Science Division

Ellisphere's data science team is responsible for transforming and analyzing data, via machine learning algorithms for example, to then help and accelerate decision making.

Due to the increase in the amount of data available within companies, the role of data science is becoming more and more essential. Indeed, raw data remains unstructured and therefore difficult to use without human intervention.

The role of the data science division is therefore to transform this data using artificial intelligence to implement decision-making solutions that meet our clients' needs.

White paper data science coverage

IT division

Ellisphere's IT division contributes its expertise to the design of digital solutions for its customers. It is part of a permanent collaborative approach with business, data science and marketing experts. Its technological expertise is at the heart of its concerns in order to anticipate, innovate and facilitate the use of effective solutions on the market.

The creation of Web interfaces, the construction of APIs and intelligent connectors, the collection and refinement of fresh and targeted data, and the industrialization of artificial intelligence processes are at the heart of the missions of Ellisphere's IT division.

Regulatory Division

Through its regulatory division, Ellisphere continuously monitors the regulations that may impact its businesses in conjunction with those of its customers. Its role? To identify as early as possible and anticipate the operational impact of EU and French regulations in order to adapt as best as possible to these new challenges as well as those of its customers.

For example, it is responsible for monitoring changes in company law, data law in the broad sense, requirements for identifying third parties (anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, duty of care), financial regulations related to credit risk assessment, etc. Serving Ellisphere's various areas of expertise, the regulatory division ensures that tomorrow's business challenges are understood.

third party evaluation

Financial Analysis Division

Through the creation of appropriate methodologies according to business sectors and specific financial indicators, the Financial Expertise Division advises Ellisphere's clients on the preventive management of their credit risk.

It sets up ratios (static and dynamic), markers (warnings) focused on the cash and liquid vision of the company studied.

In parallel to this activity, it carries out training activities enabling managers and their teams to quickly and reliably assess the financial health of a company. The division integrates the governance of Ellisphere's default probability score.

Customer Relations Department

The Customer Relations department is made up of some twenty experts in business information. Each year, they respond to more than 100,000 customer requests.

Ellisphere's customer relations expertise covers many areas. Thus, the teams can answer questions related to :

  • Ellisphere's offerings and services: Data Marketing, Risk Management and Compliance
  • To the use of our solutions
  • The content of the information delivered: score, financial analysis, collective procedures, financial links...
  • Technical questions: password, portfolio loading, monitoring...

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