This is the credit that companies implicitly agree with each other through the payment deadlines made by a company to its customers. The payment deadlines that companies agree with each other constitute an element of the fluidity of economic trade.

However, they can also become a source of risk, insofar as any non-cash payment carries a probability of unpaid by the customer. In 2020, the inter-firm credit represents €672 billion in France.


Delays and defaults remain numerous; they are detrimental to the profitability of companies and negatively impact their cash flow, competitiveness. In the worst cases, they can fragilize the existence of the most vulnerable enterprises.

Since 2009, the loi LME (Economic Modernization Act) strictly limits inter-firm contractual payment deadlines.These deadlines must not exceed 60 days from the date of the invoice, or 45 days end of months (article L. 441-10 of the Commercial Code).

Each year in France, it is estimated that these jobs will be paid by 56 billion euros in defaults.


The score, also referred to by the Anglo-Saxons as “scoring”, or “credit scoring”, is determined by an automatic and statistical calculation model.It is based on a algorithm, and the exploitation of data, without any human intervention.

When a company encounters difficulties, no longer able to meet its commitments, it can be subject to judicial reorganization or direct judicial liquidation. In this case, it is called business failure. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Ellisphere’s default score allows to calculate the probability of this event, in a more efficient way, with various horizons (1, 2, 3 or 5 years) and to manage the risk accordingly.



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