Compliance Catalyst

A global analysis tool...

Proposed by our partner Bureau Van Dijk (BVD), Compliance Catalyst is an international risk assessment tool designed for compliance professions.

It optimizes processes in the field of in-depth customer knowledge (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and due diligence analysis.

… adapted to KYC processes

Compliance Catalyst allows you to go under the magnification of groups of companies as a whole, without having to analyze them branch by branch. It helps you to draw data from the Orbis/Mint Global global platforms.You can find data on companies, profiles of politically exposed people (PPE) as well as information on sanctions lists and negative articles.

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A solution adapted to your challenges!


The platform dedicated to the professions of compliance.


An integrable solution in your existing processes.


Fully automated control processes.


Access to information collected by WorldCompliance.

"Compliance Catalyst allows for thorough due diligence actions to meet the requirements of compliance in BtoB."

— Stéphane Bauchet, Partnership Officer Van Dijk Bureau

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