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Background and challenges

Today, France has 128 000 exporting companies, which is still relatively small compared to the 10 million active entities referenced on French territory. Before the VOCID-19 pandemic, French exports nevertheless accounted for 31.3% of France’s GDP and 5.8 million direct or indirect jobs. 67% of ETIs make 25% of their foreign turnover and 27% make 75% of their turnover.

Moreover, almost 50% of exporting companies would like to consolidate their position internationally. By comparison, there are about 350 000 German exporting companies (almost 47% of GDP in 2019) and 235 800 companies in the United Kingdom.

Europe is very active with a draft recovery plan of 750 billions euros

The crisis could cost the world economy $12,000 billion. The IMF anticipates a decline in GDP of about 5% depending on the recovery capacity and successive waves. Moreover, there is much talk of reviewing supply chains in order to promote more local production, known as proximity production, which would involve the repatriation of part of the production apparatus. However, a reindustrialization of France or Europe would involve many points such as: paying more for locally produced products; taking charge of the impacts, specifically environmental, of relocated productions…

Exporting represents real opportunities for French companies, allowing them to take advantage of an additional growth lever, to promote innovation, to diversify business opportunities, and at the same time to reduce the risk of dependency on a single market.

— Stephen Lord, International Partnership Manager at Ellipshere

Stephen Lord

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