What is at stake?

A crisis context for companies, an organization to be adapted



The weight of inter-company credit in France in 2022.



The average payment delay in France in 2022.


Improved cash flow through appropriate payment terms and collection policy.


Better profitability thanks to a reduction in the risk of non-payment.


Growth thanks to increased prospect/customer outstandings.

new risks
crisis impacts credit management
terms of payment

Our response

Join D3 is to improve the prevention of your risks

D³ (Data-Donation-Donation) is a payment experience collection program that improves the coverage and reliability of the payment behavior indicators that serve you on a daily basis. Through this free and collaborative program, Ellisphere encourages companies to be active in securing their environment.

What are the benefits?

Take advantage of our expertise

Joining D³ also means benefiting from free services and tools to help you manage your receivables. You will thus have a complete vision of "payer" behaviors in your cash management.

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