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Ellisphere’s teams will support you in processing your data repository in order to enhance the quality of your data.

As a vital tool for getting the best out of your marketing campaigns, the aim of Data Quality Management is to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the collected data, as well as its ability to circulate and be used within your company and for your partners. Ellisphere’s teams will handle:

  • verification and correction of the data collected in real time or in retrospect
  • structuring, standardisation and validation of postal data
  • updating data
  • deduplication
  • data reconciliation
  • creating data models
  • legal compliance in terms of collecting data (GDPR)


  • A data repository dating back more than 30 years
  • A dedicated team to manage marketing data (geocoding, address verification, internal matching algorithms, etc.)
  • Long-standing partnerships with specialist data providers (telephone numbers, email addresses, operational managers, etc.)

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