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Thanks to its multi-source database and its numerous collection tools, Ellisphere’s teams will enrich your repository with every type of data, supplying it to you in the format you choose.


We will give you access to personal information and contact details, which will enable you to implement your marketing campaigns with precision:

  • location by region, district, postcode, etc.
  • company register
  • sectors/activity codes (French classification of activities – NAF)
  • turnover
  • personal data: title, surname and first name
  • position of the senior managers and their operational duties
  • managers’ dates of birth
  • email, telephone, fax and mobile numbers


This data is then monitored so that you can be alerted in real time in the event of any changes affecting your business targets.


The platform ellicible.fr provides you with access, completely independently, to Ellisphere’s marketing database:

  • option of targeting among more than 100 descriptive criteria
  • on-line file extraction
  • implementation of target monitoring and strategies


  • A dedicated team involved in sourcing, structuring and verifying the information collected
  • Instant targeting
  • Easy-to-use, dynamic interface and automatic implementation of your tools and processes
  • Implementation of strategies for monitoring your markets and alerting new prospects
  • Postal address
  • Websites
  • etc.

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