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Forerunner of commercial and financial intelligence in BtoB, Ellisphere is an innovative company in the digital age. It provides you - companies and financiers - with 100% digital information solutions on your customers, suppliers, intermediaries or investment targets.

Our solutions meet your challenges in the areas of customer and supplier risk management, data marketing and regulatory compliance in the fight against money laundering, corruption, terrorist financing and fraud (Sapin 2, AML, KYC, etc.).

Our expertise

Discover the wealth of expertise of Ellisphere, which has been acting for over 125 years to encourage a reliable economic world and sustainable growth.


Develop your turnover and conquer new reliable customers.

Data marketing


Control your credit and purchasing risks in your customer/supplier business relationships.

Risk management


Optimize your KYC processes in the fight against corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing.


Our expertise

6 centers of expertise specialized in the collection, management, valorization and dissemination of company data.


Teams specialized in the constitution of our "referential" databases.


Scientific and statistical profiles specialized in data analysis and the construction of innovative algorithms.


Employees dedicated to the development of technological solutions directly linked to the companies' IS.


A team in charge of monitoring and analyzing regulations concerning company information.


Analysts who study the economic and financial information gathered from the targeted companies.


Specialists meet the needs of companies every day: offers and services, support...

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Every month, we invite you to discuss data marketing, customer/supplier risk management and compliance with our guests.

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