Share your annual accounts with Ellisphere now

Why share your annual accounts?

Ellisphere evaluates all companies listed in France: VSEs, SMEs, ETIs or large companies, with or without annual accounts. These evaluations are the result of a scoring activity, an activity carried out on the basis of quantitative and objective data. This activity is legal and in accordance with our corporate purpose.

Share your annual account now

Legal obligation

The directors of commercial companies must meet numerous requirements, including the filing of annual accounts. As a legal obligation, this filing was introduced in the interests of transparency and protection from third parties and thus concerns most companies registered in the Trade and Companies Register.


For the purposes of calculating Ellisphere's default score, the absence of data constitutes information in itself. This is the case, for example, of the non-availability of the balance sheet(s) of a company subject to publication. Sharing your annual accounts allows us to have an updated vision of your company's situation to facilitate your entry into relations with business partners.

The Ellisphere guarantees


Confidential information obtained by Ellisphere may only be used for the purposes of its scoring, survey and analysis activities or for the calculation of aggregates. Ellisphere will not disclose such information to anyone other than its own personnel who need to know.


Ellisphere has implemented and follows procedures that ensure that the scores produced are based on a rigorous exploitation of all information, public or confidential, available or not (even though it should be) in its database.


The Ellisphere score is communicated, free of charge, to any evaluated entity that requests it via the Transparency Charter. The methodology used, the meaning of the scores and all the definitions necessary for their proper understanding are disseminated to clients and users.