The aerospace industry takes off again

After the historic drop in activity in the spring of 2020, the French aerospace industry is back on the growth track.

The hotel-café-restaurant sector under pressure

Despite a satisfactory 2022, restaurateurs are still worried about 2023: labor shortages, inflation, the energy crisis... Many of them have had no other...


Large-scale distribution, food industry and producers, which agreements?

The law aims to balance the commercial negotiations between large-scale distribution and its suppliers, against a backdrop of tension over prices.

What is the situation for business failures in Q1 2023?

Structurally, 85% of insolvent businesses are commercial companies, an increase of 54.4% for this family over one year.

Textile-Apparel-Leather: a structural crisis in the mid-range sector is confirmed

Over the last ten years, the number of economic actors (excluding microenterprises) has barely been maintained, at the rate of one creation for one disappearance.


Pharmacy sector: what will be the results at the end of December 2022?

Since 2013, the pharmacy sector has not been renewing its business population. More business entities are disappearing than being created.


The mid-range ready-to-wear slump

Successive setbacks for Camaïeu, Kookaï, Pimkie, Go Sport or André, San Marina... How did we get to this situation?


Entrepreneurial dynamism: what is the outcome at the end of December 2022?

In 2022, there will be a decline in sole proprietorship start-ups but an increase in the number of new business corporations.


Agriculture and Fisheries Sector: what will be the results at the end of 2022?

War in Ukraine, post-Covid recovery, weather conditions related to climate change, animal health crises, economic factors so many factors that shake these...

Wine and spirits sector: what will be the results at the end of 2022?

Since 2013, claims experience in the Wines & Spirits sector has remained limited, although the 2020-2021 period has seen an increase in claims experience. In the same...