Data marketing highlights in 2022

Have all companies grasped the importance of data? How has data marketing evolved in 2022? Discover 6 key facts about data marketing that...

data marketing market

What is the current state of the data marketing market?

How is the data marketing market doing? What effects has the health crisis had on this market? Let's take a look at the year 2021 with our experts.

b2b intelligence data marketing

B2B marketing is intelligence-proof

What new concepts does this evolution of data generate on the market? What practical impact does it have on the daily life of B2B players? Answer in this article....

data management

Data Management: harnessing the value of your data

Faced with large data flows and the potential value they represent, companies are adopting new tools and practices to exploit these data...

data strategy AI

Why think about data strategy before launching into AI?

Today, one out of two companies uses AI in its marketing strategy. Zoom in on this phenomenon and on the importance of a good data strategy before going to market.

data targeting

Targeting in the data age

Today, companies collect countless pieces of information, and this makes targeting increasingly complex.

business intelligence

Conducting a market study through business intelligence

More and more companies are using Business Intelligence (BI) tools to carry out their market research and thus carry out more relevant marketing and commercial actions.

Data targeting

Targeting in the Data Age

Today companies collect countless information, and this makes targeting more and more complex.