Data marketing, or data-driven marketing, refers to marketing based on the use of data. It represents an increasingly important part of marketing actions, in the context of the digitalization of the marketing professions, which leads to the collection of increasingly large amounts of data.

Marketing data includes all the information that a marketing or sales manager needs to improve the performance of his action plan. It is the set of internal and/or external data that will allow him to :

  • To specify its monitoring : to detect signals on its market, to be alerted of the events on its competitors
  • To have enough information on its customers to develop its business relationship with them
  • Improve campaign performance through more precise targeting thanks to the multiplicity of sources

What is data marketing?

First of all, you have to make sure that your data is up to date and complete enough for a good customer follow-up. It is essential that it is of high quality and easily exploitable. To this end, auditing, then if necessary, cleaning and updating your data repository are necessary prerequisites.

Once these first steps are completed, everything becomes possible to enrich the customer base with relevant data in order to set up a commercial watch, a segmentation or simply to ensure the freshness of the information in its tools.

Finally, it is a matter of exploiting this data to set up campaign triggers, to determine appetite profiles, to project targets onto a prospect base. The implementation of the exploitation phase will obviously depend on the technologies used by the marketing or sales team: CRM, Business Intelligence, DMP...

Data marketing strategy

Today, the main objective of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to anticipate the behavior of a customer or a prospect. In BtoB, AI will allow to assign a probability to the fact that an event will occur for a company.

For a customer, AI can, for example, measure the "chances" that a customer will expand his basket or cancel his contract. For a prospect, the studies will essentially aim at measuring the probability of adhesion, of appetence to an offer or to a product.

Statistics have long been used to conduct this type of study. The big difference today lies in the ability to absorb data and variables into models. Sufficient quantity and quality of data allow to improve the accuracy of the forecast.

Data marketing AI


Manage your data efficiently...

To feed and create sectorized databases and to answer the problems of customer knowledge, prospecting and data management are the current challenges of the sales and marketing departments of the BtoB. Today, they must :

- Stay informed about events in their markets
- Build loyalty through better customer knowledge and personalized marketing
- Prospect and contact new qualified B2B leads
- Simplify the management of customer and prospect data in their internal systems (CRM, DMP...)


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