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Database b2b: 4 figures that should make you react

If there's one piece of data that's volatile for marketing and sales professionals, it's contact. And that goes for B2C as well as B2B. Who hasn't discovered that one of...


B2B email campaigns: the 2023 barometer

Simplified communications, consolidation of login details, receipt of selected content, access to exclusive offers and discounts, confirmation of ......


Glossary Data Marketing 2023

Data marketing is constantly evolving, with new terms appearing and developing every year, from the most abstract to the most basic. This practical sheet is intended for those who want to...


B2B emailing in 2023: Best practices

Newsletter, prospecting email, thank you email, marketing automation email, .... they come in different formats. But in concrete terms, how effective are they...

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What kind of monitoring for business and marketing professionals in 2022?

The implementation of monitoring has several objectives in BtoB, in particular to analyze and draw the necessary conclusions on its market in its commercial and marketing strategy ....


Emailing: the preferred channel for B2B marketing?

Emailing is nowadays an essential means of communication for B2B marketers. Why is one email more opened than another? How to set objectives...


Bots, from one world to another

Four years ago, studies predicted that by 2020, 80% of companies would use bots to interact with their customers. Let's take stock of the situation.