The Ellipro platform is evolving in 2023, can you explain the reasons for this evolution?

Our Ellipro platform was no longer fully meeting the direction we wanted it to take. We therefore decided to work with a number of our customers to get their feedback on the current platform. Thanks to this work, we were able to collect their feelings, as well as their expectations directly related to their new challenges.

At the same time, we wanted to provide a simpler vision of risk management. Until now, this has been in the form of a portfolio. We wanted to make our clients' experience more dynamic by highlighting the important elements to be dealt with in the portfolio, as well as providing quick access to the information.

The issue of data consistency in France and internationally was central to our thinking. Thanks to this new platform, the path, content and formatting of the data have been thought out in order to provide the best possible user experience.

Finally, the design of the platform has been completely redesigned to offer our customers a simple and intuitive interface for the preventive management of their customer/supplier risks.


In concrete terms, what will change for users?

First of all, the first notable change occurs on the home page. Indeed, the user will now arrive on a dashboard that will give him an immediate global view of the important alerts of his portfolio. Among these alerts, the collective procedures will be published as and when our data repositories are updated.

This page will also contain widgets highlighting the general risk status of the user's portfolio. He will also be able to measure his risk directly by his portfolio by filtering according to the criteria of choice.

The user experience work was carried out jointly with our customers to ensure the relevance of our new platform. To achieve this goal, the user path was completely redesigned to facilitate the search that is now common to all countries. Furthermore, facilitating navigation throughout the site was a central concern throughout the project.

With your new Ellipro platform, we wanted to allow our customers to consult information in a synthetic form with the important indicators in as few clicks as possible.

Indeed, the new Ellipro platform will facilitate rapid decision making by directly visualizing the risk incurred on the third party portfolio. The new platform will be accessible on any type of support, thus easily accessible at any time.


How did you work during this project?

We started this project internally to define the objectives with a working group that brought together the marketing and innovation department, business experts, customer relations, sales managers and IT engineers. More precisely, our business experts accompanied us on this project with a view to continuously improving the quality and depth of the data, their editorialization and the way the information is read.

Then, we called on external consultants who conducted a UX/UI audit of our existing platform. On this basis and those of our ambitions, we went to meet our customers. The latter then accompanied us throughout the reflections, particularly design, UX... This project was truly carried out in a collaborative mode between Ellisphere's forces and the customers.


Can you explain in more detail how customers were involved in the thinking behind this project?

Customers were included in the thinking process, because we wanted to build a solution for and with them. Listening and trust are at the heart of Ellisphere's value proposition. It therefore seemed logical to us to listen to their current and future needs for this large-scale project.

Throughout the project, we studied their work habits, their typical day, their new needs... We wanted to know how they use our platform, and what their internal tools are based on the use of our data.

Following this first step, our clients were re-interviewed to validate, through our new UI/UX, the project's orientations, and thus truly meet their expectations in terms of decision-making and reporting.


What are the benefits for the market with this new platform?

Personalization and global vision are at the heart of our value proposition. Indeed, each user needs to have a different vision depending on his mission (credit manager, purchasing manager...), and therefore consequently depending on the information he needs to manage his risk. We wanted to differentiate ourselves through the adaptability of our platform.

Our differentiating factor is also the fact that we have a synthetic vision of the information, an asset that we have not found among our competitors. These two approaches are valid for the consultation of our own data, as well as for those of our partners. More than ever, our clients will find all the information they need on Ellipro, from research, to company profiles, to advanced data, to economic studies by Ellisphere... And in the future, the implementation of new indicators, modules...

The new Ellipro platform is above all that of our customers, built with and for them. With this new tool, we wanted them to benefit even more fully from all of Ellisphere's expertise, in direct contact with our teams.