late payment

How to limit the risk of late payment and unpaid payments?

Providing payment deadlines to clients is a common practice. It is based on trust, but always involves risks. Zoom in on ways to limit the risk of late payment.


WCRE and WCRWE, indicators for assessing a company’s solvency

The financial analysis breaks down the Working Capital Requirement into two components, the Working Capital Requirement of Exploitation and the Working Capital Requirement without…


Steering the WCR, a necessity in the growth of business turnover

Piloting the WCR is a necessity in the growth of business turnover and in the measure of its financial impact

Financial analysis

Financial analysis as a decision-making tool

The challenge of the financial analysis is to measure the nature of the solvency risk while assessing the profitability of the capital invested and the prospects for growth in…


Risk modelling, the tool for decision-making and performance

While the number of data to be analysed continues to increase for companies, risk modelling remains the essential tool for credit managers to manage their decision-making and…

risque solvabilité

After the crisis, how can credit risk be managed?

The management and control of the insolvency risk are at the heart of the concerns of credit managers, currently in charge of reducing the consequences of the Covid crisis.


The dashboard, a performance support tool for credit manager

Knowing how to decide is essential for the credit manager. Zoom in on one of the main decision support tools: the dashboard.

documentary fraud

KYC, front-line documentary fraud

Documental fraud is a growing evil that is now ranked third on the podium of the world's largest criminal industries, just after robberies and vehicle-related crime.

decision credit manager

Credit manager: how to make a decision in a complex environment?

Any credit manager has been or will be confronted at some point in his career, making a decision in a complex environment in order to avoid certain risks.


The role of recovery procedures in the order to cash cycle

Unpaid debts are one of the main causes of business failure. According to the ANR, the national union of debt collection and business intelligence firms, unpaid debts represent 56…