How to manage customer/supplier risk in times of crisis?

For this second episode of season 3 of the Ellisphere podcast, we asked ourselves about the context in which companies are evolving today... With our guests, we went back over the lessons and consequences of the various crises on companies. Then, we discussed the solutions to be put in place to optimize credit management policies in the years to come.

For this podcast, we had the pleasure of talking with three guests:

review 2019

Max Jammot

Manager of the Economic Division at Ellisphere

Chrystèle Perez-Brouet

Head of the Commitments and Litigation Department at Manpower

Alain Luminel

Head of the Financial Expertise Division at Ellisphere

Listen now to our podcast related to the management of customer/supplier risks in times of crisis?

On the program

  1. A look at the current context
    • What is the situation for companies in 2023? 
        • What will be the outcome of insolvencies in 2022?
        • Focus on sectors in difficulty

    • Review of the impact of crises on companies (raw material crises, supply delays, energy costs, etc.)  
      • What structural challenges did companies face in 2022? 
      • Cow have successive crises affected credit managers?
      • Should we expect a debt crisis in 2023? 

2. How to evolve your customer/supplier risk management policy in times of crisis?

    • How to evaluate the sustainability of a company in 2023?
      • What are the criteria to be taken into account?
      • How have these criteria evolved?
      • How to manage credit risk in an uncertain economic environment?

    • Weak signals, a new way of understanding the economic health of companies 
      • New data to take into account in decision-making
      • Focus on Ellisphere's Resilience Index
      • Towards a new vision of credit management (debt rating, liquidity risk)
      • How have you adapted your risk assessment process to take into account the economic consequences of these crises?


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