Data marketing transformation b2b

Data marketing in the post-covid era: transformation of B2B businesses

Faced with the rise of Big Data and the growing offer...

b2b intelligence data marketing

B2B marketing is intelligence-proof

What new concepts does this evolution of data generate?

Judicial recovery

BtoB debt collection: legal collection procedures

After discussing the role of collection procedures...

preventive risk management

The importance of preventive management of customer and supplier risks in international BtoB

We went to meet with Mr. Riské, who is a member of the...

data targeting

Targeting in the data age

Today, companies collect a number...

Webinar: Ellisphere Connect

March 11, 2021 | Webinar | Ellisphere

document fraud

KYC, document fraud on the front line

Document fraud is a growing problem that is becoming more and more common...